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Gen, Gender, Genderless

“Gen, Gender, Genderless” explores the limits that define gender identity while challenging accepted and perceived characteristics related to sexuality. Seeking to dismantle the binaries that have been the core of gender and sexuality’s (mis)conceptions for centuries, the exhibition strives to enable a nuanced journey through notions of contemporary identity and attraction.

The exhibition features seven groundbreaking artists who focus on intimacy and interpersonal relationships, others emphasizing a personal exploration of one’s identity, all in the context of a representation of contemporary gender identity. Subtly shifting between the private and the public, these artists employ vulnerability and performativity to shatter traditional categorizations. Their works showcase a stratified, diverse, and unapologetic approach to either sexual orientation or gender fluidity.

“Gen, Gender, Genderless” ushers in and evokes the post-gender era: it questions and destabilizes well-established social constructs, offering an inclusive and boundless view of a newfound freedom related to our identity.

Participating artists: Hernan Bas, Christopher Hartmann, Isaac Julien, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jesse Mockrin, Elizabeth Peyton, Andy Warhol

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