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High Voltage 4

Nassima Landau’s annual exhibition “High Voltage” identifies promising and emerging artists that often receive wide recognition in the international art scene following their participation. The three past editions of “High Voltage” were met with high acclaim, introducing the work of 46 artists, including Hilary Pecis, Danielle Orchard, Jammie Holmes, Umar Rashid, Jason Boyd Kinsella, Christopher Hartmann, and many others. The fourth edition of “High Voltage” showcases twelve artists from 7 countries, exhibiting 21 works that oscillate between the figurative and the abstract, between portraiture and landscape painting. They portray intimate moments of introspection, as well as social events and phantasmagoric, imaginary worlds. As a group, these artists represent the current state of contemporary painting.

Photos: Elad Sarig.


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