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Spectrum of Lights

Nassima Landau Art Foundation is honored to initiate “Spectrum of Lights”, a one-of-a-kind fundraising exhibition with some of the strongest voices in Israeli art today, from emerging to very established, who will show their work following numerous cancellations both locally and abroad. The exhibition and its proceeds will serve to support Kibbutz Be’eri and the Elem Charity organisation. In these polarized days, Nassima Landau intends to provide an opportunity to remind, mostly our international friends, of the diversity of Tel Aviv’s cultural scene and Israel’s society at large, with 24 artists from an array of ethnic, religious, and gender identities, affirming the power of art and its ability to present a different perspective. “Spectrum of Lights,” Nassima Landau’s first grand project featuring only Israeli artists, will open on Hanukkah— the Jewish holiday of light—and will bring us a much-needed moment of light and hope as well as support for some of those most affected.


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